A slang term for the penis originating from an asian tale ,which dates back to a time of dragons, and samurais which would run around chopping peoples heads off for no reason. The penis is given this name beacuase it is as if it has an eye but closed, or even blinded like the old man in the ancient asian tale....a tale about a blind old asian man....named bob..........
"Her gaping vagina was no match for old blind bob"

"He may be blind but, even the blind are able to do great things....if u catch my drift.....the drift about us engaging in some A-time"
by mofuka January 7, 2005
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Dave: Hey, how's it going

Joey: Good, no girlfriend still.

Dave: You're still hangin' with old blind bob?

Joey: Yes, im beating off now instead of being with women.

Dave: Pathetic.
by Good_Night_Lover June 1, 2010
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Act of throwing a colostomy bag from a moving vehicle
Man it was full so used the window switch and launched the Old Bob in the gutter without anyone seeing
by Cheese blender November 27, 2021
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