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Olathe North is the oldest of four high schools in Olathe,Kansas. It was first built in the late 1800's, but has been added on to many times since then. The most recent addition includes the 21st century classrooms, which are the home of the school's nationally renowned 21st century programs. They offer classes such as Marine Biology, Culinary Arts, Engineering, Video Game design/Animation, and sports medicine in state-of-the-art professional facilites. Few high schools in the country have these programs, and most of the teachers of these programs write the curriculum themselves. In addition to immaculate biology labs, and replica doctor's offices for the study of sports medicine, ON's 21st century wing includes a professional quality animation studio, and news broadcasting station, which brings the school weekly news reports and 2 TV stations. Another unique academic program at Olathe North is the Distinguished scholar program, which offers students individualized lesson plans in the study of their choice. DS areas include visual arts, political science, foreign language, science, language arts, and math.

Olathe North's mascot is the Eagle. Its colors are red, white, and blue. ON athletes are good at many sports, from basketball, to football, to swimming. Recently the school's football coach was killed in car accident, and people all over town are mourning the loss. ON also has a strong theater program, putting on plays and musicals such as Once on this Mattress and Annie Get Your Gun, under the direction of vertically challenged, yet incredibly talented Victor Daughterty. Speaking of incredibly talented, the ON Eagle band definately fits that description. Strking up the legendary fight song for generations, and bringing home trophies from competetions all around the country, the Eagle band is the pride of the school, as well as the city.

ON Eagles are endlessly talented, creative, intelligent, and spirited. It's a great school, and like every high school, very competetive. Every other school knows that North totally pwns them, they just won't admit it. Heheheh. I'm proud to be an Eagle anyday. If you ever come to our school, there's only one thing you have to remember: Don't believe anyone who tells you that the room you're looking for is on the second floor. The only thing North doesn't have is a second floor.
"Olathe North totally pwns your high school."
"I go to North. Be jealous."
"OMG, North is such a big school. I'm going to get lost, I just know I am."
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