An informal exclamation used by the English in place of 'ok'. It still has exactly the same meaning but with a friendlier tone.
Person A: Want to meet at 2pm tomorrow in the square?

Person B: Okie doke, sounds good.
by I-shit-you-not May 18, 2016
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When you ask for a water cup at fastfood and fill it with soda instead, thus getting a soda you didn't pay for.
I didn't have enough for a drink So I pulled an okie doke.
by Bartendo147 May 7, 2009
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To seek revenge when much time has passed
" no worries , I'll get him back on the okie doke.
by Kittenslittle April 16, 2021
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Inferior person, agreeable person. See also "simpleton"
That dude is such an okie doke, we just met and he let me barrow his car.
by Joufullheart December 23, 2020
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N: An intentionally misleading agreement or consolation communicated with intent of Lowering The Guard of the subject and acting in opposition to said agreement or consolation
"I gave that lil bitch fucking my girl the Okie-Doke when I said I wasn't mad at him, then banged him out when he chilled out. Fuck yeah, bitch!"
Slang to English translation:
"I gave the man with whom my romantic partner had been fornicating the 'Okie-Doke' when I proclaimed his were not the actions of my aspired vengeance. Upon return to his baseline emotional state, I engaged in hand-to-hand combat in which I was the swift victor. Well done, I thought. Well done indeed."
by Prometheus-Ishtar February 21, 2016
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A moment of extreme unpleasantness. I.e. Being swindled; hood-winked; back stabbed; fucked over;

or, otherwise, screwed over.
That MF just pulled the old okie-doke on me with this sack of weed
by Snow Right May 29, 2019
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What Obama calls GOP potential Presidential nominees rhetoric when he finally can say a coherent word.
“Don't fall for a bunch of okie-doke just because you know it sounds funny ..."
by sheepdoggie June 2, 2016
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