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The response you give when your crush tells you something "new" about his or her life. However, you already know because you have totally checked out EVERYTHING about them on Facebook, etc.
I already knew he was from Utah because I Googled him. But I had to be coy and just say "Oh, really?".
by One And Only Meli June 11, 2014
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n. Commonly used when you have absolutely no interest, whatsoever in what the douchebag who asked you out is saying to "win you over" as you reject his stupid ass....again!
Douchebag: So Connie, Did I ever tell you I have a black belt in Karate?

Connie: *thinks who gives a shit*
Oh, Really?

*never looks up, keeps walking*

Douchebag: Yeah, I was top of my class. I could totally show you some moves someday if you'd like.

Connie: *thinks, that's great! You dumb bastard... now, go away*
Oh, Really?

Douchebag: YEAH! I didn't think you'd be interested.... so I can pick you up at---

Connie: Look Douchebag! I'm not fucking interested. Leave me the hell alone!
by SorryBOYSimTAKEN March 28, 2010
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