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Suddenly and inexplicably not giving a fuck at work and life in general. Often caused be completing a huge project or being blasted by a superior. A reference to the 1999 Mike Judge comedy 'Office Space', in which case the cause was hypnosis.
Employee 1: "Now that the Milkowski case is over, I have the best case of Office Space Syndrome. Let's grab a Beer."
Employee 2: "It's 9am."
Employee 1: "DGAF Nation!"
Employee 2: "Fuck it, I'm in."
by D Pizzy September 05, 2008
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A condition which occurs primarily in white collar corporate environments where deserving, qualified employees are either passed over for promotion or have their employment terminated outright while their comparatively apathetic or indifferent peers achieve financial and/or occupational success.
Peter is frequently tardy or absent from work while Michael and Samir are punctual, reliable workers. Peter is promoted, but Michael and Samir are fired in order to cut costs. Peter has been the beneficiary of Office Space Syndrome while Michael and Samir were the victims of it.
by HaroldTheOx June 06, 2010
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'office space' syndrome is self-exonoration from social and/or work-related obligations arising from a increasingly disaffective attitude towards society, results from a change of plans after one wakes up, suddenly enlightened.
If you wake up one day and decide to quit your job and move to California to surf every day, you have 'office space' syndrome.
by Steven Kelly September 27, 2008
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