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1. n. an officemate who is adept at certain skills such as spying around the office and gathering information, appearing and disappearing around cubicles, and attacking hostile co-workers with paper shurikens, paper clips, and even cell phones. 2. a co-worker who has mastered the art of the ninja toss. 3. a crafty co-worker who can be tasked to work around the system to accomplish a job.
Des: "The shift is almost over, and there's still one more thing that needs to be done."
Nick: "Don't worry...I already took care of it."
Des: "My office ninja!"
by Nickarossi October 25, 2007
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A term given to middle managers who are able to suddenly appear behind employees who are slacking. They make no sound and are undetectable until it is too late and they have seen you are on Facebook.
Employee1: Did you see Lost last night?

Employee2: Shh, keep that down. The new manager is an office ninja.

Employee1: Haha. He's in a meeting til noon, you're paranoi--

Manager: What are you two doing?

Employee1: Oh crap, where did you come from?

Manager: Back to work, gentlemen.

Employee1: Umm, okay. But that's kind of rude to sneak up on -- hey, where'd he go?
by eleventy May 18, 2009
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1. A code name (like "code monkey") for people that are sneeky, creative and have brilliant ideas in the office but these ideas are not related in the office directory that he/she works in. 2. An office ninja will secretly take your office suplies while your not knowing it. 3. An office ninja always will have a red stapler.
Bill: hey, Ted did you take my pens? Ted: No, do I look like an "office ninja" to you?
by Brian Luick October 19, 2008
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