An absolutely brutal Christian metal/hardcore band from Bloomington, Indiana who use a perfect mix of speed, rhythm, and awesome breakdowns to provide you with a musical experience that will keep you head banging for weeks on end.
Seriously....Of The Son is worth a try
by UtilityBiscuit July 12, 2008
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the definition of the word "son son" is a phrase in which you refer to people in.
look at "son son" over there walking it out.

what this really means in caucasian language is. "hey mister look at that swell person over there dancing"

yes indeed.
by Son Son Andrew September 13, 2007
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To talk up to or give respects to someone you are greating or departing from or anything you want it to be.
Wut up son-son or get at me son-son
by Yung YaYo December 20, 2006
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1) a close friend
2) used as an acceptable international greeting of a person whos name is unknown to you or one of which you have forgotten
1) "wassup son!"
2) "wassup son."
by The Raven July 15, 2003
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1) The action of being capable of calling someone else "son", in a derogatory sense.

Wow, you just got sonned.

by Brad C December 30, 2005
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1. to be completely and utterly defeated or destroyed by another individual with extreme prejudice
2. to be owned, or served in utter humiliation or submission
3. to father
1,2. "Yo, this Jackie Chan mothafucka tried to fight me and I sonned the shit out of him."

3. "Tyrone, come look at the beautiful child you have sonned."
by Jersey the bitch November 09, 2006
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