Verb: The act of stealing or snatching ones private property when the owner happens to be present.
Jared was really wanted Austin, so he decided to ock his virginity.
by Porkyyys Revenge! May 20, 2011
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totes cool gang that you wish you were in. may have something to do with those fa1l d0wn b0iz...?
by kate[stopusingbrackets] August 18, 2006
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rather old abbreviation for Order of the cannabis knights... basicaly a bunch of potheads from boston
Ex: Vladinhaler, plays and leads the counter-strike (half-life game modification) team Order of the Cannabis Knights
by unkerhelften April 25, 2003
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A physically superior individual who has various characteristics of a "Jock", but doesn't participate in any sport activities

It's a Jock that doesn't play sports, is jacked, and wears "preppy" brands.
"That ock is jacked, but what's the point?"
by DC_Master October 18, 2003
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A way to say "ok" phonetically. I use it rather frequently :)
You: "You wanna go cinema tonight?"
Me: "Ock!"
by bluemanc March 07, 2007
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