A noun, verb or adjective. Ock is a proper name of a very cool, handsome and saucy boy or Used a multipurpose, multimeaning substitute word which can be used in a sentence to replace any word which may be inappropriate to say around mixed company
1. I really like Ock he’s a nice and saucy boy.

2. I am going to Ock you in your ocking ock you ocking Ock hole
by Creamylover69 July 03, 2020
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official fall out boy fan club: Overcast Kids
official fall out boy fan: OCK (get it? OverCast Kid)

yeah. so there.
i dont feel like spending $22.95 to be an OCK.
by xo alwaysbeLIEve October 17, 2006
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Can be used as a Noun or verb, meaning poop.
ex. "Pull over at the next rest stop; I need to go Ock".

ex. "Took a big Ock the other day!"
by Me2256 October 18, 2011
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Originally, used to describe the black and white checkered pattern popular amongst emos. However, today it has been altered to fit any black and white pattern including stripes and polka-dots.

Origin: The black and white kitchen tiles, cow patterns and tea cups in the home of Ock and Nick and Marnie.
"Check out my new ock slip-on shoes"


"For our bathroom I think we're going for ock .. all over."

"Ock style? Stylish!"
by barb09 September 17, 2007
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The act of surprising someone by means of abruptly sticking a finger into his/her butt hole.
by Requesón de tu mamá August 22, 2007
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The word ock is short for “Okay”.
“Kid I just railed Judy last night.”
“Oh OCK.”
by Truecaptaindoughnut October 15, 2019
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Known as the One Cup King or One Cup Killa. When someone is very skilled at hitting the final cup in a game of beer pong.
That boys the OCK, he always hits the last cup
by poopsniffer July 27, 2007
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