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Nobody really knows what an occupational therapist does, even the therapists themselves are not altogether clear.

It may involve prescribing over toilet aids to old people, cajoling unco-ordinated children into completing sensory-motor activities, fighting off physical therapists who also claim to treat upper limb injuries and dealing with cranky night-shift nurses who are jealous they did not choose an alllied health profession.

Among the most over-worked and beleaguered of the helping professions, occupational therapists tend to get stuck dealing with the problems that even the social workers can't solve.
1. The occupational therapist just gave me this long handled toe wiper because my beer gut prevents me from reaching my own feet

2. I told the occupational therapist that Johnny was at risk of losing his subsidised accommodation if he keeps flushing newspaper down the toilet

3. The infection control committee are having kittens about the spread of germs from theraputty in the occupational therapy department
by kit8625 February 13, 2010
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