a game with great graphics but terrible gameplay and a screwed up rpg system. it also has several points where it involves hypnotism to keep those who have played it, playing it. after playing oblivion you will find that you have less ability in other games, rts and rpg espescially. to avoid the hypnotism, where the red and blue 3d glasses.
sane person:here, where these glasses.

3 weeks later;
oblivious:hey, wanna hack the internet caffé server?
sane person:alright.
by scott mawdsley March 07, 2008
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n. The greatest Joint the world has ever seen. Made from a Rooster's plant, it's remains were buried beneath a white cross, beside the rolling stone, in a secret garden infested with gremlins. May it rest in peace.
guy #1 "hey man you remember when we smoked oblivion?"
guy #3 "hell yeah!"
guy number #2 to guy #3 "YOU WEREN'T THERE!!!!"
by draykfyre August 24, 2010
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The fourth, and worst installment of the series. with decent graphics, and in depth environments (look more Forrest) though the game has a following of people who have never actually played the originals. where ever Oblivion succeed it fails twice somewhere else. Oblivion lacks in that RPG game play that you look for in an Elder Scrolls game. and to add insult to injury they took the best race in the game (dunmer) and made them look like fat homoerotic smurfs with a 12 year old child's voice.

though this game wasn't bad, it was an utter disgrace for a TES game.
Hey did you beat oblivion yet?" "no I stopped playing after 20 minutes
by Techfighterminal June 26, 2011
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the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
"they drank themselves into oblivion"
synonyms: unconsciousness, insensibility, a stupor, stupefaction, senselessness;More
a coma, a blackout;
literarythe waters of Lethe
"they drank themselves into oblivion"
antonyms: consciousness
the state of being forgotten, especially by the public.
"his name will fade into oblivion"
"only our armed forces stood between us and oblivion"
synonyms: obscurity, limbo, anonymity, nonexistence, nothingness, neglect, disregard
"luckily, he was able to rescue that design from oblivion"
antonyms: fame

But in the movie

"The fault in our stars"
Hazel grace Lancaster Gets mad at Augustus waters For saying that he is scared of oblivion
And hazel grace says
"You say you’re not special because the world doesn’t know about you, but that’s an insult to me. I know about you.”-Hazel Grace
"Oblivion is not real as long as you have family/friends
Who love u."
by Djenks2 April 05, 2015
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1) The ultimate FFX attack, except against Jumbo Flan, Zuu Mimic and Dark Cindy
2) The basis for the 2nd-hardest lemmings level - it eventually evolved into "Temple Of Oblivion", then "Dungeon Of Oblivion", then "Castle Of Oblivion"(the hardest).
OBLIVION!.................. die fucker die!
by Steaver370 April 26, 2004
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