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A pubescent teen boy who over enjoys the game oblivion: The elder scrolls a little too much by becoming an in-game rich resident of his now controlled country of cyrodill. He uses the money cheat, dupes, downloads expansion packs from acquantices's hard drives, rights letters to Bethesda, and maintains an odd scrunge of cheese at the meeting points of his mouth. Also makes friends watch for hours on end his wealthy and strong character. Also feels sympathy for in game NPC'S, as well as excessively reading strategy guides while making bowel movements. Also finds the need to keep soda and other beverages outside the refrigerater while using the space to place un-used footballs.
You here that mike wrote a letter to bethesda?




Advice for battlehorn castle DLC.

Is that a little far?

Yeah, a tad pathetic.

Well, he is the Oblivion Mogul.

Also, a famous quote:

I... am... going... to... be...


by irishseatbelt January 04, 2009
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