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Oakville is a rich, suburban area with spoiled Abercrombie and Bitch kids that think Toronto is a ghetto place where people shoot and murder. On weekends, Oakville kids like to meet up at their local Starbucks then go to someone's house to hang out and take mirror pictures in their luxurious bathrooms then post them on Facebook as if they're gonna say "FUCK ME, I'M FAMOUS!" The other Oakville kid type is the social lifeless loser one who worries too much about their marks. I mean calm the fuck down kid you're too young to worry a lot about school. The rare Oakville kid you can find is the one who moved in from one of the neighbouring cities (Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton etc.) and is having trouble making friends but had a social life in their previous school. This happens because in the spoiled Oakville kid's perspective, this person is queer.

Oakville is also very much ethnically cleansed with whitesfolk and the only ethnic groups are Indians, Asians, Eastern Europeans (usually Serbian or Polish)
Toronto kid: Hey loser white kid
Oakville kids: I am not a loser you ghetto cuntface bitch, I am more richer than you!

Toronto kid: Fuck your money no one likes spoiled white fucks like you
by ILiekTurtles December 07, 2009
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