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A group of teenagers in the sub-division of Centenial Oaks who seem to for no apparent reason cause mischief. Some things the Oaks are known for is chalking peoples driveways which although this is annoying it actually does no harm. On another occurance one of the Oaks stole a scooter from an open garage but then later that same day chickened out and returned it. As you can see the Oaks are more like a laugh instead of something to be feared.
Person 1: Hey dude what happened to your driveway?
Person 2: Oh man the stupid Oaks Mafia chalked it last night.
Person 1: Man thats gonna be a pain to clean up.
Person 2: Yeah they also stole the old scooter from the back of my garage.
Person 1: Oh my god. No way!
Person 2: Yeah but knowing the Oaks they will probably just return it by noon.
Person 1: Good point.
by C. Oaks Resident August 21, 2009
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A group of teenagers who think way too highly of themselves. They mainly do stupid things like chalk peoples driveways, and other things normal people did in the 4th grade
person 1: hey dude, i got my driveway chalked!

person 2: was it your little sisters friends?

person 1: naaa, it was probably the Oaks Mafia

person 2: more like joaks!
by 346gj95 December 07, 2010
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