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"OWN YOUR SHIT" - an exclusive group created by girls at Notre Dame Academy. These people aren't afraid to fuck shit up. They party hard, live life, and they crash every party. Outsiders really want to know these people and be like them. Their lifestyle is hard to imitate caused they're swagged the fuck out, bitches.
"Damn, there goes OYS! This party is about to be TURNT!"

"Shit... I want to be apart, but I'm not cool enough :'("
by fortiAYE & lil T-SWAG October 28, 2011
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OYS or O.Y.S. is the acronym for "old yeller style"; it is an adverb used to describe the method with which an interpersonal relationship will be managed. Usually refers to a work/professional/social networking relationship, specifically office nemeses and incompetent staff.
VERB: "I'm going to OYS Lynn's stupid report."

ADVERB: "I'm going to blast her OYS at the budget meeting."
by Allison Moody August 05, 2009
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short for "always", but not usually used unless in north-west West Virginia.
you are oys going to the bathroom mom, you need a piss bag.
by N8twon Da Cheph February 15, 2007
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