Orange My Juice. can also stand for Oh My Jon, in reference to Jon Walker of Panic at the Disco. When used as "Oh My Jonas", it just makes you sound stupid and like you really need to delete all the stuff on your ipod and replace it with music (particularly cobra starship)
OMJ, i love PATD!
OMJ, i'm thirsty
by fangs up 101 October 21, 2008
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Abbreviation for Oh My Josh! Used by Grobanites throughout the world.
OMJ!!! That concert was uber.
by Kourtnee March 12, 2004
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An alternative interjection for OMG. Has many definitions, such as oh my jellybeans, etc. Can be used in classrooms, so that teachers won't get mad.
"OMJ! Noah just asked me out! I can't believe it!"
by wallflower05 March 05, 2012
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meaning Oh My JON!!!!!!!!!! Not Oh My Jonas. Origin: In the past, Jon Walker of Panic At The Disco had a beard and looked like God. Oh My Jonas simply doesn't make sence, oh my jon does!!!!!!!
ex. OMJ Jon is so cool, he is my idol!!!!!

ex. OMJ Panic rocked last night at the concert!!!!!!!!
by Irinarox July 28, 2008
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oh my jon meaning something amazing or exciting used by panic at the disco fans
named after jon walker bassit for panic at the disco
Fan 1 - OMJ that is amazing!
Fan 2 - I know, OMJ I can't believe it!
by lucyismadasrabbits July 30, 2008
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Stands for Oh My Jim, after the character Jim Halpert from The Office. It can also stand for Oh My Jim, after Jim Carrey. People who use this term are well known for their extreme obsession/fandom of people/characters named Jim. They use the name Jim in place of God because they believe that Jim is more superior to God.
C - "Wow, look at that guy! He looks so cool!"

E - "OMJ! That's so cool! I totally have to go to your house and swim in it."
by Doctor Huddy June 04, 2009
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