A song better then OH YEAH YEAH but also something to bring into war. (specifically youtube)

(The song is from WildMak.)
"You to walk to school and you will find a note on the floor and you open it up and it says OH NO NO
You will be eating dinner and your mom backhands you in the face says OH NO NO
You will(wont) be playing fortnite and team swenie takes a MASSIVE SHIT on your screen and says OH NO NO
You open up your fridge to get something to eat, OH NO NO
You see a comment saying OH YEAH YEAH, *OH NO NO*"
( famous quote from NoahsNoah)
by The Golden Flare June 24, 2019
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Used when having an orgasim or when your pretending to have an orgasim
"OH OH OH OH!" -when having sex or when messin about with mates
by Lube-Lu The Demon Child March 30, 2006
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Used to declare when someone says something false in argument; a rebuttal would be said afterward.
"I beat everyone in Madden" "Oh-oh-oh, how you gonna say that, my little brother beat you yesterday"
by socitytable September 26, 2003
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What we should call the first decade of the 2000's.
Oh-oh implies that a lot of stuff went really strangely, and surprisingly wrong, exactly what has happened.
- Dubya, climate change, terrorism, swine-flu, recession --> all pretty much an oh-oh decade.
"I haven't felt financially stable since the oh-ohs."
"Back in the oh-ohs, weird shit was happening every few months"
"The recession started in the late oh-ohs"
by bgnsg July 31, 2009
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some random guy: "oh no, oh no, o-"
Kool-aid man: "OHHHH YEAHHHH"
some random guy: "wtf"
by pp123987 March 11, 2021
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Usually said in a derogatory or dismissive way, as if to insinuate that something shown or mentioned, is of no real interest at all, has been seen before, even, or especially when the item is brand new, unique and very splendid
Andy showed Chris his brand new, custom made wanking mitt

Oh THAT wanking mitt... said Chris
by roguetrooper January 12, 2009
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