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This is traditionally a male of Irish decent who at some point lives in oklahoma This strange mixture of cultures gives birth to a person who wears anything from skin toned toms, to a Kum&Go trucker hat, that laughs like a pretty girl making faces. Also, they tend to be born with a sickness that can only be cured by shopping. A lot. ESPECIALLY at Express (even though they occur in nature mostly male). Some people have the habit of questioning the o'kaharo's sexuality, but it's up to them to confirm that. Speaking of their questionable sexuality, o'klaharos almost always seem to have a special relationship with baby wetzys, a bromance of sorts.

Popular occupation: singing boyscout (they really know how to "pitch a tent"...) ;)
Weird quirks: has a strange fascination for asian blue balls , scarves and cardigans.
Bri: crap! i can't set up this freaking tent!

Daniel: well ur stupid! just fly in an o'klaharo!
Bri: ur right... what was i thinking?!?
*calls in an o'klaharo for help, he arrives shorty on his pink crotch rocket*
Daniel: what's that singing i hear?... and why are there scarves all over the place?
Bri: oh that's just the o'klaharo working. he has to take off his scarves for maximum tent pitching...
by phoenix fire flame April 19, 2011
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