Another term for a large number of women, hoes, whores, chics,skee-o's. To mean unknown females at a particular venue. Using the term O makes it safe for e-mail, and semi P.C. because the term "hoe" or "whore" is not actually being used.
There were a lot of O's at that party last night.
by AJpenny November 28, 2006
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If their name is Os, they are one of the best people of all time! They also like it wet and sloppy...
β€œHey is Os coming to the party?”
β€œNo. He’s staying at home with his girlfriend. You know how sloppy he likes it”
by Dominant whale May 21, 2020
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Object Squad. A squad that forms in 201 and is used nothing more for their body. Some notable people featured in the OS squad are Sid the Sloth from Ice Age and coked up Jennifer Aniston.
OS has arrived, time to shut it down sorry boys, people only, no objects
by nbaboi23 October 20, 2018
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Great person always treats his friends right and is great at everything they do. To sum it all up, GOAT. Period.
LeBron is the OS.
Bro is your name is because you act so much like one!
by jfirew_23 June 01, 2020
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