the opposite of so. when a conversation dies, instead of saying so, say os. it will jump the conversation to a new level to keep the flow.
...dead silence.


What ? Os ?

Yeah the opposite of so,.....proceed from here
by Will Hamilton March 10, 2004
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A dumbass who does not get off tiktok and loves food
Os is a queen and a foodie๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
by Ksisisiskskskek May 31, 2020
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A.K.A Original Sin

A clan in the popular mobile game Vampires Dark Rising or VDR for short. Founded by the Leader Antimus "Ant", they are an awesome group who treat each other like family and have beat Venom one of the largest clans after a year long war.
by DF2 September 21, 2017
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"Os! Do you smell baby Sarah? I thought I changed her a few minutes ago."
"I don't wanna cuss in front of the child."
by kpbostonianakamrsadams June 22, 2009
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Kid who swears and drinks a lot and is not liked by Hometown
That kid is such an OS
by TenIsGOAT August 16, 2019
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In my free time, I do fun things with multiple members of the o.s.
by KatyxToxic January 26, 2008
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