America's number 1 growing place of mexican employment
Yo dude's U can pick more pockets in a nursing home than on the streets of Los Angles.
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
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A stinky shit hole, that has food that looks like nasty runny dog shit! The hole place is full of DISEASES!
Nursing Home: A place where old people like to shit their pants for you to clean up!
by Autumn and Tabatha October 08, 2007
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A prison-like place where old people are sent to get ass-raped.
Mac: Lots of shady shit goes down in nursing homes Frank, okay? These places are like prisons.

Frank: Like people getting ass-raped?

Charlie: What? Oh my god, dude.

Mac: No, not like people getting ass-raped. People don't want to be here because they feel like-

Frank: Because they're getting ass-raped.
by Angel Wysterra November 05, 2019
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