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A term not recognized or used by the medical community because it misrepresents work done by advance practice nurses. More appropriately called Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), they work under the guidance of a physician who is residency trained and possesses a medical degree - either an MD or DO. Anesthesiologists are physicians, medical doctors who have finished medical school and a rigorous residency training program to provide safe anesthesia care to patients. Nurses may also provide anesthesia, and those nurses have been known for decades as "nurse anesthetists". Recently, the nurse anesthetists have decided to call themselves nurse anesthesiologists in order to mislead and inflate a sense of self worth. The term is not recognized by the American Medical Association or American Osteopathic Association.
I wanted to grow up to become a nurse anesthesiologist but then I learned there was no such thing. I would need to become a medical doctor to be called an anesthesiologist.
by RealPhysicians2019 December 22, 2018
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A nurse that administers anesthesia. Sister Mary Bernard was among the first nurses to administer anesthesia in 1887, while nurse aneshesiologists were initially implemented during the civil war employed by the government and military. Agnes Magaw “the mother of anesthesia “ established the drip mask method of administration of chloroform. Currently, Nurse Anesthesiologists attain a Master, Doctorate, or PHD in Nurse Anesthesia after aquiring critical care Nursing experience. Nurse anesthesiologists are capable of performing all of which a Medical doctor of Anesthesiology (MDA) may do. In most hospital settings the MDA may not even do any anesthesia and only plays a role in signing the Anesthesia consent and writing orders while the Nurse Anesthesiologist does all of the hands on Anesthesia tasks. Nurse Anesthesiologists provide a cost efficient method to providing anesthesia care safely, while lowering medical care costs.
Is the surgery over? You were my Nurse Anesthesiologist right? I cant beleive surgery is over already I dont have any pain or remember anything. Thank you so much!
by Surfturfgenious March 14, 2019
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Nurse Anesthesiologist:

Because badass miracle worker isn’t an official job title
Don’t worry, I am a nurse anesthesiologist, I have a perfect KO record.
by Hewhopassesgas March 14, 2019
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