On April 17 through 19 is nudes day, either your boyfriend or girlfriend sends you nudes of themselves on ft or a picture on snap or Instagram
Nudes day is a wonderful holiday
by Ok that I like April 17, 2019
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September 24 is the day when you send nudes to your loving boyfriend and he might send you some back ;).
Its Nude Day you gon' send me nudes?
by 2qa43ws5edyrftvugybhunjkml, September 23, 2019
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April 18th for everyone to send nudes to all the people they been considering sending those pics too. Along with close friends
April 18th ( national nude day)I sent my dick pics to my crush and 3 close homies
by Realdickshit April 18, 2018
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30th april is send nudes day. Girls and boys will need to send nudes to each other
Boy: send me nudes
Girl: What no
Boy:But it send nudes day
Girl: Oh oki
by IceDanny April 30, 2019
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*Only valid on 25th of June*
Send this definition to a person you feel comfortable with and send each other one nude each, then forget it all happened. You will both be happy and that's all that matters.
Boy : Yo it's National Nudes Day *sends screenshot of this definition*
Girl : Ite here you go *sends nude*
Boy : Sikeeeeeeeeeeeeee
by mayowisdom June 25, 2019
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The "Send Nudes" day is celebrated on 23th of May. You have to screenshot this definition and send it to a person who you want to exchange nudes with. Then that person has to send nudes to you.
Guy: Yo it's The "Send Nudes" Day today! *shows screenshot*
Girl: Oh ok, i'll send you my nudes then
Guy: yeaaaahhh
by mrRealGuyHere May 21, 2020
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