One of the Best Colleges in the Nation. Not only is the school of the Fightin'Irish one of the top 20 schools in the nations (according to US News and Report), it is also one of the top 20 schools for Latino students. (notice how Latino = not all white people). Not only is it accredited as one of the finest educations in the lands, it is also one of the best Catholic universities in the nation. Notre Dame has a diverse selection of students, sports, and activities all on one of the most beautiful campus in the nation. Along with it's long standing academic and religious tradition, the Irish's football history and current program is top in the nation. (Charlie Weis is a good man). So if a Notre Dame student or alumni seems snobby, it's because they have every right to be, they go/went to Notre Dame, and not everyone can be so blessed.
hey did Notre Dame beat Michigan in that big ol' ugly stadium they have in 2005? OH yes..they did.

Tom: hey what is that redneck ass hole doin peeing by my dorm?
John: oh don't worry, he's a Michigan fan..he's most likely illiterate and drunk already.
Tom: but it's 5 AM
John: Like I said..michigan fan

hey did Notre Dame beat Michigan in that big ol' ugly stadium they have in 2005? OH yes..they did.
by IrishMexi42 May 06, 2006
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A University in South Bend, Indiana with an economically, ethnically, and religiously diverse student body comprised of rich, white, and catholic assholes that think they are better than everyone else. They think their football program, which rarely makes a credible, if any, bowl game is the best and most storied in the nation. Their fans hate the University of Michigan, which is superior athletically and academically to notre dame. Michigan has more overall wins, a higher winning percentage, more all time bowl appearences, more national titles depending on who you ask, a winning record against ND and has produced two heisman winners since notre dame's last heisman winner. Michigan also wins in the intangibles, as the Michigan fight song, The Victors, is superior to the notre dame victory march, which, coincidentally after one of the many times Michigan destroyed notre dame. Michigan stadium is also superior to notre dame stadium, whose design was copied and scaled down from the former. HAIL TO THE VICTORS! Michigan is also academically superior to Notre Dame, as we all of Michigan's graduate schools are ranked in the top ten and undergraduate programs like business and engineering are ranked in the top five.
ND fan: I go to Notre Dame, and therefore I am better than you. I am also catholic, republican, white, and rich, and I like a football team that blows.
Michigan fan: No shit...
by nirvanarageatm May 23, 2005
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To wear no underwear is to go Notre Dame. Notre Dame = No Drawers.

Free Ballin.
I had no money to wash clothes this week, so I gotta go Notre Dame until my student loan comes through.
by dapoodog October 24, 2007
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The worst fucking college football team to ever grace this great mother earth! The fighting irish can suck a fart out of my buckeye! GO OHIO STATE!!!!!
The NotreDame fighting irish sucked my buckeye after they gave me a rusty trombone, i call my left nut Rudy!
by Rudy from the movie January 02, 2006
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