Also known as Biggie Smalls; an obese dead gangsta rappa who would probably have died of cardiac arrest anyway had not some west (east?) coast thugga done popped a cap in his huge ass. but he banged lil kim so props fo that dogg yo
peace out.
by HankanatorX July 02, 2003
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fucking idiot spewing shit about 'hos' bitches' and the like. Made rap (or 'gangsta rap') what it is - which is a BAD THING. shit to my ears.
intelligent minded person : with all due respect, Notorious B.I.G. was a disrespectful idiotic tosser
another intelligent minded person : 'Gangsta rap' can shove it where the sun dont shine
by lovely-mind February 06, 2006
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From being a notorious rapper to becoming the most notorious death in hip-hop history tied with Tupac, anyone or anything that comes across him immediately goes from small to notorious
What is Christopher Wells is stage name? β€œIt is Notorious B.I.G.”
by Zero2infinity November 25, 2018
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