An apology that a person (mostly influencers and celebrities) type out on the notes app (more particularly the notes app on an iPhone). They are usually a quick apology so the writer can do damage control if that celebrity or influencer gets canceled or called out for something that is usually controversial. It’s hard to tell if a notes app apology is sincere since they can constructed by ones management, publicist or team. They are commonly uploaded to social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.
Person: Omg gurl look! James Charles got canceled yet AGAIN!
Person #2: Yes gurlll I also saw that half assed Notes app apology he put out on his Instagram. I’m disgusted.
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when an influential person uses a poorly written rambling monologue that looks like it was written in the notes app on an IPhone
oh *band #1* had such a notes app apology
by notmrmelon April 21, 2021
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