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A Drinking town with a farming problem.

A small town in the middle of nowhere, population 551 on a good day, 978 if you count the farm animals, but 42 if you count the people who actually live in the city limits. There is approx. 546 Caucasians, 4 Native Americans, .5 Oriental, .5 African American. 97% farmers, 2% teachers, 1% bums/liquor store owners/thieves/ or preachers. Most people who grow up here are known for not leaving, and raising their family there as well.

Also known as, "the hilbilly capital of kingman county."
JimBob-"Howdy Bo, you gon make it on down therr to Norwich, KS to sell your cattle?"

Bo-"Naw JimBob I go there to cut wheat every summer and get me a good hamburger on mainstreet."

JimBob-"Oh man they got a restaurant there now?!"

Bo-"No, it's inside the hardware store."
by slickafox January 10, 2011
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