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1. a tune by the Beatles that is notorious for possibly being the first rock'n'roll hit that prominently features a non-Western instrument - in this case the sitar. The lyrics describe the evolution of an extra-marital affair that John had that was now over. Paul sang the words. The title phrase is a play on phonetics - the line "knowing she would" in the lyrics was considered to be too risque for radio so that phrase was replaced by "Norwegian Wood". If you ask me, that sounds even more "risque" or at least funny to me!

2. what you get after a night of laying with a Norwegian woman.
1. in my college class of "Art and Music of the Post-WWII Era" one day our professor played "Norwegian Wood" as an example of the Beatles' contribution to music and culture. She explained the meaning behind the lyrics and then asked us, "Does anybody know why it's called 'Norwegian Wood'?". I think "Norwegian girl, woody...", then I start laughing. She says, "I hear some giggling back there!"

2. Garry laid a young Norwegian waitress he met at a restaurant. The next morning he woke up with Norwegian Wood.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 19, 2009
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Used in the Beatles album named "Rubber Soul"
It is assumed that the girl's house being sung about is made of Norwegian Wood.
Isn't it good, Norwegian wood.
by Michael "Zippy" Warncke May 23, 2004
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Norwegian music festival held in Oslo, see, known for the lolipop-incident with David Bowie.
I can't wait to go to Norwegian Wood this summer!
by Birger Stake October 03, 2004
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A famous song by the Beatles. Supposed to be another description of cannabis in this particular track. Not to be confused with the norwegian forest.
by hawk January 09, 2005
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After the popular Beatles song by John Lennon, it is the term for the hard-on you get while talking to a girl only to be turned down when you get to the bedroom.
"Man, this girl was coming on to me, talkin' dirty, telling me she was open for anything... Took me upstairs at the end of the night..."
"Oh yeah? What'd you get out of it?"
"Norwegian wood, man. Norwegian wood."
by Stranger from Toronto May 05, 2009
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Used often to describe the erection of a strapping young Norwegian.
Example 1:
Olaf from Oslo was swimming in the fjord where we got to see his Norwegian wood.

Example 2:
Liz was ruthlessly rogered royally by the Norwegian Ice Hockey team with their Norwegian Wood in fine form.
by poja December 05, 2004
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