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The two or three days a year when the water temperatures peak above 10 degree centigrades, is called 'the Norwegian swimming window', or simply the 'swimming weekend' by Norwegians.
Bjørn: Wow, radio said the temperature in the river is 11 today, wanna go swimming?
Arne: Sure mate, who doesn't wanna go swim during the Norwegian swimming window?
Bjørn: You've got a point, let's call in Petter, Knut, Bjarne, Kjell and Fridtjof too.
by Lethan August 08, 2011
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The two days a year the water temperature in Norway raises above 15 degrees Celsius, and norwegians consider it possible to go to the beach.
Ola: Hey Kari wanna go to the beach?
Kari: Nah it's June and the Norwegian Swimming Window hasn't opened yet.
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by Lethan March 17, 2016
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