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Located in Irvine CA. A high school with a majority of Asian population. Asians sprint to class the moment the bell rings and become angry with themselves when they have a 97% in the honers pre calculus, rather a 100.1% or higher. However, you can get a view of wanna be "thugs". Asian or white, who don't fit in their clothes and their ass hangs out of their pants and their hat fits large on their heads. in addition, Irvine being Irvine, girls who may be called bitches roam freely with a strut in their walks only to be seen as a "whore" or someone who cheats on their long time "boyfriend" with another guy. Drugs are minimal here as are the parties hosted. Rich white boys carry vaporizers around and smoke a little weed here and there. Drinking comes in where the bitches act like their drunk but they are looking for an excuse to get hold of some white dick. people from this school who lived in this "bubble" for some time become very scared when a minor crime is committed in Irvine and believe their rich society is now "ghetto".
"What did you get on your Math test Jong?"
"98.5%!, my parents are so pissed!"

"Hey, did you hear some guy stole food from the lunch line and got caught?"

"Yea! Northwood High School is SO ghetto!"

"I was so drunk guys! i did not even realize i gave him head! I had like, almost a whole shot of wine!"

"I heard that our school is SO bad, that the cops call it NORTH WEED because someone got caught smoking during school! I feel unsafe!"
by ThatOneGuyWhoReallyHatesYou January 15, 2013
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Located in the town of Nappanee, which is the home of Amish. The school has a goat raping vice principle and it is where his daughter and her friends can get away with everything.
*Four goats released into NorthWood High School numbered 1,2,3, and 4*
Oh, Hey! There's 1,2, & 4. Where's 3?!
*Located in V.P.'s Office*
by Amish Cracker January 08, 2011
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