the part of virginia that ignores the rest of virginia because the rest of virginia isnt as rich, and is therefore labled a home for "hicks." Also known as the blue part of a traditionally red state, mostly because of its diverse cultural background. This part of the state of virginia is comprised of many identical developments with cliched names such as "oak hill", "maple ridge", or "pine meadow." Of course , the irony behind the situation is that the oaks, maples, and pines have all been cut down.
guy1: hey im a douchebag
guy2: move to northern virginia.
guy1: im way ahead of you.
by Felicio Vandette September 25, 2005
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Home of Latino gangs such as MS-13 ,South side locos, and 18th Street. If you don't believe google it!
In Northern Virginia, where police estimate MS-13 gangs have over 2,500 members in Fairfax county. People think Northern virginia have no gangs but they do!!!! try living in an area where you got to watch your back from gang members who would chop off your hands and fingers also they have enemies such as South Side Locos, 18th street, and crips such sets as GD, UGC, and 33rd.
by Uknown Va October 20, 2006
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A detestable suburban backwater of America's lame, bland and culturally vacant capital. Filled with characterless subdivisions populated with characterless people and the poor immigrants that serve them, this place is so utterly conventional and uninteresting that it actually makes Westchester, Long Island, and Northern New Jersey look like they aren't cultural wastelands. NoVA doesn't suck simply because it lacks museums and "culture"--this is to be expected of any suburb. It sucks because the city it borders sucks. That city sucks because it is the center of government, and to be successful in government, one must be as uncontroversial (hence, boring, conventional) as possible. Any individual considering giving birth and raising children should realize that forcing them to grow up in NoVA will stunt them intellectually, emotionally, and aspirationally, for the rest of their lives.
Kid: "Why am I so bored that all I do all day is (smoke pot/drink/smoke cigarettes) and/or try to act like a (redneck or rap star)?

Wizened person: Because you live in Northern Virginia. Hope you at least get into college or something.
by JLB3 April 29, 2005
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a pink furry palace of oversheltered rich kids, and a place that just isn`t as genuine as southern virginia.
i think i`m better than you becuase my daddy bought me a beamer and i live in fairfax, Northern Virginia.
by youknowwwww November 14, 2005
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A used-to-be Southern place.
Northern Vriginia used to be cultured and refined and genteel like the rest of Virginia and the South. Now its a bland, vanilla milkshake yuppyized Starbucks fragment of what it used to be. Northern Virginia used to look to RICHMOND- NOT D.C. as its cultural reference points. In the last 30 years or so, it has become a cultural void full of NEW MONEYED tranpslants who lack culture of any kind and who are ashamed to be Virginians. As well they should be, because they lack the grace and genteelity that once was Northern Virginia !
by VirginiaBlueBlood August 16, 2005
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should be emancipated from the state for the simple fact that they take away from the southern hospitality and charm the rest of Virginia has to offer; population comprised of generally prickish attitudes regarding people from anywhere else which is supported by the fact that most of them have never been south of Stafford County. You can point them out by their general condescending demeanor, when the truth be told, they probably, as a whole, have less money than their southern counterparts.
Dick: Hey Jane, would you like to accompany me on a shopping trip to Northern Virginia?
Jane: Absolutely not Dick, I'd rather ride through the back roads of southern Virginia admiring my Daddy's prize tobacco crop and then roll around in 100 dollar bills for the rest of the afternoon!
Dick: Sounds splendid, Jane!
by goodol'southernmoney March 15, 2006
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Northern Virgina: a place where most new-money-yankees gather to ruin the image and gentile traditions of Virginia. Most of these people are cocky, from the north, where gel, and live in new surbanite-developments with little class or culture. Fairfax county wishes it had the old virginia estates and homes of the West End of Richmond points: (1) The elitist of Southern Virginia are well-bred, more classy, have just as much money, and love their state more than NOVANS. For the most part, Northern Virginia is disgracing the rich traditions of Virginia, even if it does have lots of money it has no class. In addition, is very wealthy city Richmond. In conclusion, Northern Virginia belongs with the state of Maryland for two reasons: (1) It's people and ideals are not Viriginian, per say. (2) Lots of these people are not native Virginians, instead; they are outsiders who become cocky by making money in Washington D.C. So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class. Long-live Richmond and the tidewater for her valor, glory, history, and honor.
Gel Head from NOVA: Hey, youuz guyz, my dad just made a million off some high tech invention.
Gel Head # 2 from NOVA: Thats sweet maybe we can go put that money into your new HONDA CIVIC rolling on shitty ass rims.
by Ed November 14, 2004
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