The crown of Virginia, NOVA is the only decent place in the state. It's money is stolen and given to the rejects--I mean the rest of Virginia. Although we attend the colleges scattered around the state, we quickly return when we finish because there is no other place with great job opportunities and high salaries. We do not stop, stare, and gaze when we see people that are not white. We are not southerners, nor would you find a confederate flag anywhere in the area, we actually take offense to being called southern. Luxury is a common site and most of the time a standard. We forced Virginia to vote blue in the elections :D We are the voice of Virginia. The only other great populations are either because its the capital of the state or because we needed a place to buy beach property in our state. Other than that everyone lives in NOVA. Its the best place with the greatest things to do. I would go down there and tell it to all you Southern Virginians but:

1.) I would get no cell phone signal

2.) GPS probably hasn't been invented there yet

3.) I don't have 4 wheel drive to take dirt roads

4.) I'm not white so I would get shot
Californian: Hey you're the new guy from Virginia?
Me: Oh no, not me, I'm from Northern Virginia
by NOVA703 April 05, 2010
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I don't get why all these stupid southern Virginians think were all rich and shit. Ive lived here all my life and there are gangs and ghettos. The only really rich place is great falls and everybody hates people who live there because they are rich and snobby but that's only a very small part of northern virginia.
stereotypical southern Virginian:Go to hell you stupid rich northern Virginian

northern Virginian(only slightly stereotypical):oh so I should go to southern virginia then.
by North VA! April 06, 2011
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NOVA or Northern Virginia are the suburbs of Washington D.C. Some of the richest counties in the United States. Anybody in Loudoun, Prince William. Fairfax and Arlington county are considered from NOVA. When asked where they are from they always respond "Northern Virginia, right outside of D.C." instead of Virginia. Disaffiliates themselves from Southern Virginia
"Where are you from?"
"Northern Virginia, right outside D.C."
by Northern Virginian YES May 02, 2010
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The assholes who think they're too good for PG County, but spend a lot of time driving through here.
That fucking northern Virginia asshole just cut me off I their Nissan maxilmata.
by Mad Max Times January 22, 2017
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The northernmost area of of Virginia, home to well-to-do and overall classy people. Known for being more liberal than the rest of the state, and also for identifying more with its bordering northern states. Made up of the counties/cities of Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church.

"Southern" Virginians like to hate on Northern Virginians because they think we're "pretentious", etc.

These people are just jealous.
Person 1: I live in Falls Church.
Person 2: Ugh, another uppity Northern Virginia bitch. The 757 is so much more fly, yo!
Person 1: You just keep thinking that...
by the 703 November 01, 2009
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Northern VA: The un-ghetto side (besides DC)

Southern VA: Ghetto side: Richmond, Norfolk, Bad news, P-town, VA Beach
by rondelle January 19, 2005
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Its so funny how people from there don't know the truth about Northern Virginia they claim there everyone from Southern Virginia are rednecks and poor. Actually Hampton roads is one of the riches region the united state it out beats Fairfax Loundon and all them So called rich counties our houses are bigger and on water front property they want to be like us so bad there houses are like small plantation homes Modeled from the houses in Richmond and Williamsburg lol. Also government offices like the CIA where moved to southern VA (Richmond) and there military orders come from Hampton roads so really you guys have no right to brag because people down in southern VA have government jobs too. and more people come down here to do businesses because we have a better location tourist and stuff. the only thing you guys pay are our beach's its so funny how you guys can talk shit but come play on our beaches GO BACK TO YOUR UPPITY SO CALLED RICH AREA AND FIND SOME BEACHES UP THERE SINCE WERE SO BAD. THE WHOLE STATE HATES YOU GUYS YOU MITE AS WELL BECOME A PART OF MARYLAND OR JUST BECOME AN INDEPENDENT STATE SINCE YOU GUYS ARE SO RICH.
Why do people from Northern Virginia hate on people from Southern Virginia?

Because they want to be like us look at their homes they're modeled like ours but 3 times as smaller as we live in a 7 bedroom home they live in like a 3 lol.
by djej01 April 14, 2012
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