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Stuck up. Snobby. Only interested in male athletes and frat boys that wear skin tight salmon colored mini shorts and ruffled blue button up shirts.

Most conversations with them are more like Q&A sessions in THEIR favor with no reciprocation.

They spend most of their time burning money with their daddy’s credit cards and the ones that are single are latched onto some dream guy they think exists outside of their skulls.

Most just want a guy who’s a vibrator with a wallet. Future proud openly admitted housewives. Nothing more nothing less.

*disclaimer - there are very intelligent ones in the NOVA area even though they’re very rare to come across.
Northern Virginia Girls are the 21st century equivalent of Valley Girls.
by Poncho Sanchez August 13, 2018
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Girls who are typically beautiful and witty and can handle bad traffic and in general everything life throws at you since Northern Va is a clusterfuck. She is confident and well versed in a variety of subjects and may be wealthy but at least does decently well. Girl next door vibe but low key, under cover kinky freaks and always up for a good time. Usually have nice booties. Ideal wifey material.
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by Pullmyhairhard May 10, 2018
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