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A bunch of Jewish kids who think they are really cool because there daddy's own parts of the Fontainebleau in Miami, own private jets, or 10 acre houses. They try to "throw down", but the party usually gets "copped" out. When Passover comes they all get super hyped about going to Miami. It's basically a migration of all Great Neck Jews to Miami. Everyone hangs out in lobby until they realize all they are doing is walking around. Then everyone hooks up with people. What happens in Miami stays in Miami NOT! Everything and anything you do with north shore kids with get spoken about for months after. So be careful and have fun. Also they love OTBS " out of town bitches" they can't cop any head in their own town so they bring girls from all over, get them really drunk, and then take advantage of them.
Are you going to that north shore Hebrew academy party this weekend?

Nah it will get copped out and I'm not down to get rapped by ______
by Jende69 January 17, 2017
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