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A fully selective, single sex girls high school situated at Crows Nest. Currently the top girls school in NSW (and possibly all of AUSTRALIA!). Offers a huge range of extra curricular activities and enrichment programs to cater for the HIGHLY GIFTED AND VERY PRETTY students that attend. More than 1/3 of our students are estimated to obtain a UAI of >99. Many of our students get into medicine and law. That's WOW for you!

Nicole Kidman attended this school:)


AND YES WE HAVE THE HOTTEST GIRLS AROUND! Not only are we EXTREMELY intelligent, we are down right gorgeous! Ask anything other selective schooler to confirm ;)

AND YES we know you envy our 'I LOVE NORTH SYDNEY GIRLS' T-Shirts when you see us wearing them on the train.

And so what if we have FULL ON SCHOOL PRIDE. So what if we don't hesitate a even a second when informing others about what school we attend... WE HAVE EVERY BLOODY RIGHT TO BE PROUD!
OMG! UAI of 100...!! She must've attended NORTH SYDNEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL!

OH!! There goes a girl with that tarten blazer.. must be a senior from NSG!
by nsgpwnsall February 13, 2009
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North Sydney Girls, a fully selective school located in Crows Nest right next to North Sydney Boys. NSGs are your perfect asian stereotypes who are smart, beautiful with tiger parents (commonly known as just 'Asian Parents') and fangirls over Kpop especially this fantastic group called BTS.

Truth be told, we are actually really dumb with ZERO common sense. They can't cook, thats why there are no fire alarms in the kitchen, (but they can make instant noodles). Despite this unnecessary fact, they are talented and gifted students who excel in music (even though nobody chooses it as their elective. LOL). They are already AMOS by the time they are in year 6 thats why they do so well in our HSC cuz they get extra points for being so goddamn amazing. usually we are always top 3 in the HSC rankings.

This school caters for super smart girls and raise kids to become Medicine or Law students. NSGs view private schools such as Pymble Ladies College, Abbotsleigh, Knox as rich more stupid schools. They should be jealous of them North Sydney Girls students. Anyone who came from a private school is immediately know as the 'rich kid'. Anyone who lives in suburbs near North Sydney Girls is also considered rich.
We have Nicole Kidman biatches. Be JEALOUS!!!!!! The richest lady who basically stole Tom Cruise's money after they divorced attended this school!.
We Have Naomi Watts as well. Some random actress who is in Home and Away. But guess what. The most famous Australian Youtuber who is bloody amazing attended this school. That person is Wengie!!!! (according to Wikipedia).

First day of North Sydney Girls High School:
Year 7 #1: Hey do you like kpop?
Year 7 # 2: Of course I do!!!
Year 7 #1: Which group!
Year 7 #2: BTS!!!!!!!
Year 7 #3: DID I HEAR BTS!!!!
(this is how the first friendship group came about).

NSG #1: Hey nice to meet you.
NSG #2: Hey you too
NSG #1: So what school did you go to?
(trust me we actually ask each other this question a lot)
NSG #2: (names some private school)
NSG #1: 0-0
NSG #2: ...yeah?
NSG #1: YOU RICH KID!!!!!!
NSG #2: I'm not rich.
NSG #1 YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!.
(they become friends in the end)

Year 12 #1: did you heat we came 5th in the HSC?
Year 12 #2: oh yeah... only stupid people come 5th
Year 12 #1: i know right? it was so embarrassing.
Year 12 #2: i heard that half of the grade got disowned by their parents.
Year 12 #1: yeah. i we better do well this year otherwise I'm gonna kill myself.
Year 12 #2: My parents want me to be a doctor or lawyer so i have to do well.

Year 12 #1: saaaame.
by The real Sherlock Holmes June 30, 2018
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