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North Salem High School is a shitty ass school in Westchester County, North Salem, New York. This is a place where you don't want to send your children under any circumstances. The town itself is very nice, but the people who live here are a bunch of inbred fucking losers who like to get drunk 24/7. If you're poor you'd live around Peach Lake witch is where every town alcoholic lives, the party basically never stops there. And if you're anyone else you'd probably live on or next to a horse farm. The school however, is filled with a bunch of dumb whores and stupid bitches, the guys are disrespectful assholes and they treat girls like shit. The teachers suck and can't control the kids and the assistant principal doesn't know how to do his job. The high school is falling apart and there is no way in hell it can be saved. Don't send your kids there.
Don't move to North Salem, NY and don't send your kids to North Salem High School, NY, there are plenty of private schools around. Save your children.
by northsalemhaters July 04, 2011
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