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A predominantly white suburb of Cleveland, Ohio that no one has ever heard of unless you say it's in between Strongsville (the mall) and Brecksville (the rich city that actually has a good football team). North Royalton High School is mainly known for their successful, award-winning band. Students are well-educated, but extremely spoiled with a larger-than-life sense of entitlement. Royalton girls are generally extremely gorgeous, and the guys are preppy and attempt to be athletic. This presumptuous community has friendly, down-to-earth people, but the majority of the population is secretly racist and likes to keep their little bubble in Northeast Ohio as white as possible.
Person 1: "How do you think the North Royalton football team will do this season?"
Person 2: "They will be terrible, as usual."
Person 1: "Why do they always have such a bad record?"
Person 2: "Because they keep all the blacks out of their school."
by NoRo LaDee April 19, 2010
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An awesome city in Ohio that's partially rural and partially developed. Is known for its "older than John McCain" high school, awesome band, generally poor football team, as well as being predominantly white. The people that go there are generally good, although the younger population is slowly getting consumed by Hollister, Abercombie, American Eagle, etc...(see Strongsville)
Person 1: Hey, I bet if we got the North Royalton band in football pads and had them face the football team, they would probably win.

Person 2: Haha, yeah right your crazy.
--person 2 thinks about it
Person 2: Holy shit, you might me right.
by shazamwow rls April 17, 2009
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