When your dick freezes in the middle of sex.
I had a North Pole last night, never have sex in the snow.
by Hemeroid McGee December 25, 2016
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This fun and cool little act is quite the tasty move if your girl really likes you. It starts by having your girl give you a blow job with ice in her mouth, the half moon shape tends to work the best. Once you get nice and hard you start to hump her chest, you know titty fuck!! While you are humping away have your girl insert some ice into your chocolate starfish. The finishing touch is putting your snow on her face!
I was really feeling the summer heat one night and had Tammy give me the North Pole, wheeeew that sure did cool me off!!!!
by Fire John Fox October 29, 2009
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where santa claus is from.
santa claus is from the north pole
by ttommass February 22, 2007
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A strip club that is only open during Christmas
"Hey man Im goin to The North Pole to meet Mrs. Claws"
by Cobble935 May 19, 2020
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when you are masturbating outside and it is snowing. right before you cum, you fall face first into the snow and you get "glued" by your own cum to the ground.
dude, i saw Sam do the north pole today. it was so funny.
by music man May 20, 2006
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An impossibly rare penguin or thing, quoted from Zombieland:

Tallahassee: That's the problem... back east they think it's out west, out west people think it's back east. It's all nonsense. Like, if you were a penguin in the North Pole, you think the South Pole's looking nice this time of year.

Columbus: But there are no penguins in the North Pole.

Tallahassee: You wanna feel how hard I can punch?
Those are some north pole penguins over there
by Northpolepenguins February 7, 2020
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North Pole Doggy Style is the act of anal sex from the doggy style position. The Vagina (from the man's perspective) is the South Pole while the anus is the North Pole, thus North Pole Doggy Style.
Trying something new he mixed it up and tried North Pole Doggy Style instead of the usual position. That did not go over too well with his partner who expressed surprise and shock at the rear entry.
by PJS1371 May 11, 2011
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