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North Platte is a small-ish town in Nebraska, known for it's railroad and it's drug problem. The place where meth-heads run rampant and pedophiles go to die. The North side of town is pretty well known as being the poor side of town, and despite the fact that everyone who lives in North Platte sucks, or is trying to escape, they still treat kids from the North side like trash. The whole town is trash. Don't move there.
Person 1: "What can I get you to drink?"

Person 2: "Can I get a coke?"

Person 1: "Sorry, we only have meth."

Person 2: "I must be in North Platte..."
by St4rCrossed October 04, 2017
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A town located in the Middle-Western part of Nebraska. Known for the world record railyard as well as the world record of most tweakers, crack heads, and bitches with stank puss. Most people here work for the railroad or hospital which also doubles as the second biggest building in town next to a fucking nursing home. Everyone hates their lives and says they are going to move away forever but end up moving back 2 weeks after. They do got some good weed though.
Abbi’s dad works for the railroad and her mom works at the hospital and everyone laughs at her Arbys pussy nudes from the 8th grade, she must be from North Platte!
by KrichyInyobitchy October 08, 2019
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A town in the middle of nowhere where there's nothing to do, all of the teens smoke pot/ vape and all of the adults do meth. Practically every one who lives here doesn't want to live here but has to for some reason. And also every one here is depressed for some reason.
Person 1: I hate North Platte I wish I could leave here.
Person 2: What did you say? I was too stoned to listen to you
by Dhdndj gay August 05, 2018
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A small city of 20,000 people in mid-western Nebraska.

Home to Buffalo Bill's ranch, one of the worlds largest railroad yards, cows, and a bunch of dumb hicks.

Most intelligent people leave North Platte by the time they reach twenty. The rest live a sad existence forever tormented by the regret of staying behind.

The only things to do there are to hang out at Wal-Mart, drive monster trucks, go huntin and fishin, or drink cheap beer.
Person one: "Dude, I hate my life."

Person two: "You must be from North Platte."
by HmmmIsee March 16, 2011
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North Platte is the shittiest town in Nebraska. While being the center of commerce for a 100 mile radius, it houses some of the dirtiest, stupid people across America. Named after one of the rivers that travel through it, the name of the town should be Twin Platte, or even just Platte. Many people traveling along I-80 find this an nice place to stop, as it is the only thing around for at least 100 miles. Don't fall into the trap of living in North Platte.
"Man, are you retarded or something?"

"No, I is from North Platte"
by Guitar_player05 February 27, 2009
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Home of Buffalo Bill Cody
Home of UPRR largest classification yard in the world.
Home of Cody Park
Home of the Veterans Memorial
North Platte is a tourism town full of railroaders
by TBelsky March 19, 2011
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