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the northern to north-western end of the city of MESA, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

The population is 50% poor white trash, and 50% illegal immigrants from mexico who wear ripped clothes on the street and get attacked by the white trash population.

The white trash population drives broken down pick-up trucks from 1978 and drink keystone light beer because its the only one on sale at circle K.

girls that live in north-mesa are either 15 year old pregnant white trash skanks, or hispanic skanks, either way...there's not one decent girl in north mesa, unless you want a racist, truck-drivin ho-bag with 3 teeth who has 3 kids while in high school.

North Mesa is also the only place where you can find an 85 ford bronco with confederate flag stickers, authentic mexican food 24 hours a day, and 3 hobos pissing on your car all one one city street.

North mesa is the little mexico of the east-valley of the Phoenix Metro area, with high crime rates, very high dropout rates, and way too many bums and hobo's for comfort...1 bum on every street corner.

Nobody with money or class lives in North-Mesa, because its a living hell. Its the side of town that was meant to be bulldozed and condemned, but the government forgot about it.

If your in Phoenix, make sure to skip your trip to the northern/western end of Mesa...spare yourself the headache and the jumping by 20 rednecks in a 92 ford bronco.
guy 1: hey man, where can I find a redneck breeding ground?

guy 2: North mesa dude!
by AZexpertdude July 17, 2008
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