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A high school located in the northern part of hall county. The students tend to be full of themselves and rich. Like every school located in the area, there are groups of wanna-be redneck people. They drive shit, ass cars and are usually spotted wearing camouflage or are never seen at all due to the fact that they are hunting. The school is centered around sports. Their football team is one of the best in the area, but if you forget all of the recruited players then they suck. On the other hand, their boys basketball team is always good, teaching the other area teams how to shoot 3's. Also, their baseball team continuously proves themselves among other area teams. All the other sports are irrelevant because nobody cares. Their rivals include: Gainesville High School, Chestatee High School, and White County High School.
The game is at North Hall High School today.

Wow, North Hall has an amazing student section.

Why are all of these girls bitches? We are in North Hall dude.
by surveyorng55 February 15, 2012
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