the tightest fuckin state ever. home to some killa-ass weed
i went back to North Carolina this summer and got high as a mufucka
by Khronic March 12, 2006
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carolina be tha 1st in flight..u heard it rite..that I-95 take u south just rite..where them folks all stuck on pushin that white..hummer shake shaker lock she lock and many more..where them folks carry signs of weapons and cryin wars..whats the business..some people aint in this..i live this..carolina's life stupindous..i'm blessed..to come from a place where the legends are born..yo i die for my city..i kill for my city..and carolina cats we dont show no pity..and when it comes down to it shed tears for my city...divided by the line..united by the grind..tryin to show my shine..tryin to blow my state thats the reason why i rhyme so i stay carolina til the day that i die...
um....iono what to say about an example so i guess i'll just leave this part rite here blank...okay i'll holla
by Keyonte July 07, 2004
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home of the best tobaco products and the bes basketball team ever, duke. one of the best states in the dirty south. home of the best collards, fried chicken, and fresh backyard grown vetables (yes that includes weed)
yo mayn, im goin down thurr to NC n get me som a' my mommas home cookin.
by lil' johny September 02, 2004
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Redneckland, U.S.A.
People in North Carolina are so southern and redneck they make people in Virginia look like Canadians, no fucking joke
by Da Wizard Of OZ December 14, 2009
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A wonderfull place which is home to the highest mountians east of the rockies and some of the most beautiful coastline on the eastern seaboard. A land where it doesn't pay to be a nigger, wetback, rice boy, curry head, camel jocky or liberal. A state conquered by Scots-Irish, German and Anglo-Saxon warriors and settlers. A state where soon immigration will be limited to other white southerners and europeans only. We have excellent barbeque and a beautiful countryside. The cities are overrun with the aformentioned human trash, but we're working on that.
If you are a liberal race traitor, or are a member of any of the sub-human races mentioned above get the fuck out of North Carolina.
by the guy who fucked obama October 30, 2012
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A place where people who hate their own states can come and hate this one. Rated as the best place to live in America but in reality, is just as bad as everywhere else that Starbucks has taken over. Its filled with out-of-towners trying to fit in and confused rednecks trying to hold on to their Confederacy heritage that is irrelevent because the Rebels lost the war.
Those kids from North Carolina sure are stupid, rich, and confused.
by col da bol May 01, 2005
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