The truest homeboys in the world. We run Northern Cali. We take all them sewer rats back to the south where they belong.
Scrap:"Theres a Norteno coming, lets run and hide"
by Lazy14 September 13, 2005
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Norteño is a gang Member who went against the Mexican Mafia Protecting all Mexicans in prison from the law, cliques & basically anything. They didn’t stay true to The south. On the map Mexico is down south of the U.S, They run the north part of California.
Look at that norteño he has a red rag around his neck
by WickedSyk April 01, 2019
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Decendents of the Pachucos who split up and became scraps and busters aka(surrenos & nortenos) and have become rivals. which means nortenos and scraps are like brothers who fight. Who think FRESNO BULLDOG$ are wanna be nortenos and x-surrenos, but actually nortenos used to be scraps. BULLDOGS ARE ALL BORN AND RAISED IN FRESNO.
Hey AugDog. Whats up D-BO? Lets kill that faggot ass norteno.
Look at that scrap ass norteno.
Fuck pachucos aka nortenos and surrenos
by big AugDog January 13, 2009
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