Normie Girls are not autistic same shitty girls that won’t fuck off. Normie Girls were never autistic same shitty girls that won’t fuck off. The definition of Normie Girls that someone put back in 2018 on urban dictionary is not the truth. /
Normie Girls are normal girls.
by JordanJohnsonistheone February 28, 2022
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the things that are classified as horror to everyone
WitchieX: "I'm very scared of normie horror

Mecha Rev: "What tf is that."
by WitchieX October 27, 2020
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Trash with Autotune.

For some reason a lot of people listen to this.
by mr.skelletal December 16, 2016
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The normie police is a group of people that will make the internet great again. these nigga's are going to shrek all the normies that ruin your experience on the internet. they will save us all from the normies that made our lives hell.
Outsider 1: 'hey have you heard about the Isopod meme?'
Outsider 2: 'yeah, it looks like it has some great potential.'
Normie: 'hey guys rolf lmao XDDDD. have yur heard about dat boie?!?! the meme is very good and lit fam XDDD rolf lol.'
Outsider 1 and 2: 'please go away normie you're ruining our life's.'
Normie police: 'okay bitch it's time to go away you cancerous person.'
Normie: 'oh man i guess i'll go for now ;((((((.'
Outsider 1 and 2: 'oh wow, thank you Normie police.'
Normie police: 'no problem'
by GenericHuman73559 January 29, 2018
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A definition used to describe adult content in the for of images or videos found on Instagram, Facebook or any similar websites.

The definition comes from the similar word; normie meme. A definition used to describe memes heavily reposted.
Yo man, look at this Instagram chick I found.

Wow, that just normie porn.
by Gregory Perkins January 17, 2018
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Anything normies won't understand but more culturally respected communities will

Ie: Inside jokes/memes or other memes that only makes sense to those who earned the knowledge of knowing the context of said meme/joke
The Normie Protection on this meme is real
by saladass9 February 23, 2020
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Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, any Disney Channel or Nickelodeon boy band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, The 1975, One Direction, Rixton, Maneskin, Glass Animals, and the Jonas Brothers.
Silk: Imagine Dragons are the best alternative rock band of all time!

Alex: They are not rock, hardly even alternative. They are electropop. They're a normie rock band. Therefore you are a normie. Listen to Green Day, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, etc. They're alternative rock.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 February 27, 2022
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