A male with minimal psychological disturbances ie depression, anxiety; normies are also socially well calibrated, especially when looking for a replacement girlfriend.
Normies are the majority of male society.
by ThisIsTheZodiacSpeaking April 16, 2020
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a derogatory term to call an old person who can’t text in acronyms.
oh my god mom why can’t you understand “l8er”, fucking normie.
by kindafunnyperson May 28, 2020
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a person who doesn’t like or makes fun of anime/people that like anime
person 1: i don’t like anime it’s weird and cringy

person 2: you’re a normie
by hisokamorow July 28, 2020
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"Guys, i think i like meemays Hahaha XD catch me outside am i right?"
"Omg Martin is such a normie"
by Mekkelek March 27, 2017
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(Meme community) A Normie is a person who enjoys and embrace only the popular memes, like the ones about depression and the ones 9Gag posts.
Omg, Mathias is such a normie, he doesn't even know "ravioli ravioli"
by Mekkelek November 19, 2016
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Someone who has not read through the X-Men comic series.
"Man... Damion is such a Normie. They don't even know who the Juggernaut of X-Men comics fame is."
by NumberoneJuggernautfan#1 March 1, 2021
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