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"Norfolk Academy is an independent co-educational day school in Norfolk, Virginia. Chartered in 1728, it is the oldest secondary school in Virginia and the eighth oldest in the United States. In 1966, Norfolk Academy merged with Country Day School for Girls in Virginia Beach, Virginia to create the current co-educational school. The school fosters competitive sports, competing in the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools (TCIS). Males compete in the Virginia Preparatory League (VPL) and females in the League of Independent Schools (LIS)." The school population is largely white Christians, although there is a good percentage of Jewish students, as well as African Americans, and other minority races. Half of the graduating class are 12 year survivors, studying at the school from 1st to 12th grade. Usually the school gets a bad rap for being spoiled and full of themselves. This may be the case for a student or two, but isn't true at every school? I encourage you not to judge the whole school by the actions of a small percentage, and a great deal of the students take pride in the schools honor code, and the academic excellence and strength of character that the school boasts.
1st person: Norfolk Academy kids buy their way into college. The only reason I didn't get into that college is because (insert foolish excuse).
2nd person: No, the reason you didn't get into that college is because you slack off. Academy kids are the cream of the cop academically, and work their buts off.
by a243n3 May 02, 2013
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The Norfolk Academy was founded in 1728 and remains one of the most prestigious schools in the United States today. The school primarily consists of wealthy, white, southern, Christians; although there are a decent amount of Jews at the school. The Norfolk Academy excels in many sports and gains national attention specifically in menโ€™s lacrosse and menโ€™s and womenโ€™s soccer. The school emphasizes the importance of the honor code and character development.
Yo dude, did you see those two guys over there? Look at their ties and J.Crew khakis. They definitely go to Norfolk Academy.
by J. Anderson Bryans November 15, 2005
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First I think I need to clarify things. I go to Norfolk Academy and we don't live up to any of your accusations . We do NOT look down on people that are less privileged , and we are NOT all stuck up . Just because we have the money to get the best education we can doesn't make us rich . It just means we made education one of the top things that we are willing to sacrifice other frivolities for. Yes, N.A. is a mostly white community , but I'm living proof that it's not just whites that go to N.a. they're Blacks like me , Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and more nationalities. And I don't understand why anyone would say mean things about the students,like how we won't go anywhere in life. I'm sorry you didn't get go to an amazing school like N.A. ,I really am....but it's not acceptable to put other people down just because you have issues ! Lots of the time people are on financial aid,which helps a lot , I know from personal experience.
Norfolk Academy is a really kool skool, and I'll be excited to go to return for middle school there this year!!!
by N.A.Gal July 29, 2011
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Norfolk Academy is full of preppy stuck up kids. They tend to think they are better than everyone else. Most will go nowhere in life and thrive on their fathers paycheck. Most claim their style to be "surfer dude" when in reality they have never stepped foot on a surfboard. Money and wealth is everything to them. In sports they dominate but in life they fail. They are preppy, jewish, know-it-all, conceded, obnoxious people.
Norfolk Academy girl: Wow, you go to Cape Henery? You must be poor.
by 678494049856 March 14, 2011
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Slutty chicks who have dicks and guys who think they are cool, but are just d bags. Teachers who beat their students. Students who act like they are the Queen of England, and spit on the poor.
Norfolk Academy-
Girl: He wanna have sex in Norfolk Academy?
Guy: sure, thats where every one gets laid..
Girl: where u wanna go?
Guy: In the music room
Girl: Ooooo Kinky
by omglol1254 February 07, 2011
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