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A guy who has long straight black hair and hang out with girls. Asians often eat noodles when it is rainy day. It's traditional. If he has long dark hair he could be noodle queen. He is not exactly feminine acting. He is more awkward and melancholic. He is not feminine acting at all but he has long hair. He hangs out with girls a lot.

He could be hiding his malicious thoughts behind women who are not a threat to man's world. He knows that guys love long hairs and won't hurt him only because he has that same trait as cover. As soon as he notice the suspicions are gone, he start to judge others as abusive men and he act like he is ultimate protector. Singers who sing the love songs could have that. He is hiding his desire to dominate but very frustrated and he uses trick that show himself as women behind women so he could look protecting but he is controlling women. Women who like to challenge to man's world could comfort by his fake act supportive. He is actually women hater and very dominating and authoritative so women who grown up and tired of being raised by dominating father could feel something is in there. He hate the world where he is in not because of his circumstances but because of his intention is not working which is huge or bigger than normal.
You guys see the noodle queen in campus?

Yeah it's like the end of the world, rain falling from the sky.

We need a Noah to build our ship to another school.

That's a good idea.

Hopefully tomorrow is rain and wipe out all the whiners.

God yeah
by Goodchild October 22, 2011
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