A situation in a cyber environment in which the ratio of l33ts to n00bs is less than (√(5)-1) to 2.
Z0mz0rz6912: "Dude, all these noobs on this forum -- it's like a freakin' noobonic plague."

Ch1ck3nPl0x: "Man, I took on a noobonic plague and just pwned like 15 total noobs on this MMORPG."
by qu4s1p4wn October 15, 2008
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When a large group of noobs mobs an area with its ineptitude. This can occur in games or real life.
Woah this Noobonic Plague is making our team suck hard...
by Banerik July 27, 2006
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This Common Diease Occurs in many online gaming site but aspecially "Runescape", The diease is aslo can be called "noobageddon", the plague occurs about 4pm on schooldays because all those noobs who brag about how good they are go onto the game and try to kill the cow who killed them 5 times and to find all they get is a piece of meat, with is self pride they tell every person within a 12km area how they killed a cow and to ask them for money that they can't be bothered to get.
The Plague can only be cured by one thing: IT CANT,no matter how hard you get rid of 200 noobs, 4000 come on the game (by amazing coinciedce) right next to you.
Example of the Noobonic Plague.

Noob 1: Can i have some Money!
Noob 2: Plz plz plz can i have some money
Noob 3: I just proper beefed up a cow
Noob 4: I just got up to level 2 defence cool
Noob 5 (if you go on RS): Wheres Lumbrigde
(a couple hundred noobs pop up right next to you)
You: FUCKIN GET AWAY U FUCKIN SHIT PIECES OF NOOBS (unfortunatly you can't say the above coz it look like this: ****** *** **** * ****** **** **** ****** ** *****)
Noob 200034:Can i have some money please
by Skyrazza October 06, 2006
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A highly contagious cyber disease that incapacitates progamers and renders their skills ineffective; symptoms inclue delirium, nausea, low APM, lack of sufficient micro and/or macro, etc.
WTF happened to you out there, man? You got the noobonic plague or somethin'?
by ub3rpl0x October 15, 2008
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