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A play style in Call of Duty 4 online games. Consists of using the rifle-mounted grenade launcher as your ONLY weapon. Some may mistake a well-timed blast as noob tubing, but most noob tubers prefer to be up close, as this makes the enemy bigger and easier for them to hit even when having a seizure-like fit of noobishness after realizing that they have scored a mere 11 kills to their 21 deaths during the match.

Noob-tubing will often give the noob a rush of energy and a feeling that they are "uber l337 pwning". Experienced players will laugh at this, knowing full well that were a noob to possess "pwnage" the universe would fold in on itself.
Noob- UAHAHAHA BANGBANGBANG *Noob tubes* PWNT *teafrags*
JP- *pwns with actual pwnage* Don't teafrag in the middle of a firefight, dumbass. Down with Noob tubing!
by Billy Bob Fredman May 17, 2008
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The act of shitting in someone's mouth after they have passed out at a party.
Guy 1: Did you see zach at the party?

Guy2: Yeah, I saw someone Noob Tubing him....
by Sebekeron January 23, 2012
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Someone who is (probaly gay) using a machinegun with a grenade attachment to out kill everyone else
noobtuber (dalton): haha im so great at call of duty: gay opps
non-noobtuber:fuck you at lest i have a penis!
noobtuber (dalton):fuck you Noob tubing is great
by non-noobtuber December 27, 2010
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When you go to a party claiming your the biggest pimp and you hook up with lots of girls, but there all ugly or your sisters friends.
He says he's a pimp but i think he's really noob tubing
by walt Deez March 29, 2010
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