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It is spanish for "I don't speak English" and happens to be the best excuse for getting out of everything and anything. It can be used to get out of nearly every awkward situation. The concept is further explained and demonstrated in the song "No Hablo Ingles" by Bowling For Soup.
Annoying Untrustworthy Friend: "Will you lend me ten quid"

Sensible Reply: "No hablo Ingles!!"
by Rainbow x February 15, 2010
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the perfect excuse out of any given situation.
random guy walks up to you and says, " hey do you know how to get to this resturant?"

you reply, "no hablo ingles." and walk away.
by donde estas tu pantalones??? February 03, 2010
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a word you can use to get out of any uncomfortable situation.
random lost person:Excuse me wheres the nearest gas station.

you/random person:No hablo ingles.
by nollysk8 December 13, 2009
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